July 14, 2024

Interview with Crewsont


1. What are the circumstances that inspired you to become a musician?

When I first decided to become a musician it was mainly to just try and have a better life. I felt like I was at the edge already with living a life of selling drugs and scamming/robbing. I felt like I was at that point if I didn’t change I was either going to die or get locked up.

2. How did you get into the trap metal scene? Who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influence would have to be Sinizter and Mikey Rotten from the very begging. I remember getting recommend a music video from the trash channel that had Mikey on it and I was immediately hooked. Later discovered Sinizter when I started making music back when he had less than 20k monthly listeners. I worked with him one time and was instantly hooked with his sound and style. That’s why if you look at my old catalog I have so many songs featuring him.

3. Aside from music, you seem to be doing a lot more like tattooing and acting. Tell us about all that Crewsont does.

Well one thing I’ve always been known for is being s hustler. If there is a way to make money from something I’m going to find it! And with this day and age and how income as a musician is getting smaller and smaller with streaming options you’ve got to improvise. I’ve always loved anything art and I love creating so I just followed up off of that when I started tattooing and surprisingly my face draws a lot of attention especially for specific acting gigs. I also do a lot of other media influenced incomes like cameos and commercials which I’m sure a few of you have seen. I just have this obsession with growing and progression so I can never stop myself.

4. Your tattoos are a definitive feature of your image. Tell us about the history of your tattoo journey.

When I really started going overboard with my face tattoos is when I really decided to change my life and focus on the music. I decided to leave my drug and crime life behind and I just kept tattooing my face as a constant reminder that I don’t have any options left and to never quit because if I don’t make it in what I’m doing now I’m either going to have to die or go back to selling drugs and with my face that’s a terrible idea.

5. What is the best advice you can provide to a new musician aspiring to make it in the music industry?

Best advice I could give anyone is to never give up and try and do their own thing with this music. With companies like distrokid and amuse it’s so easy for anyone to release music now that the market is so saturated that the only way to survive is to do your own thing and don’t be afraid to take risks.

6. What do you wish to accomplish through your music? What symbolism does your music represent?

I don’t have any plans really to accomplish through my music. Most of it is real life stuff and emotions I’m going through or have gone through in the past. I make a lot of my music for me and if someone can relate or even just feel the same emotion I did when I made the song then that’s good enough for me. If you know my music it can range from robbing people to super angry, to ignorant, all the way to self hatred and depression. If you want to experience me and my life then take a listen.

7. Who do you have to thank for getting you where you are now in life and in your music career? Who has been there for you through thick and thin?

Honestly this is a super tough question. I’ve had a lot of people involved with me through this music scene. We would need a whole other magazine dedicated to everyone that’s helped me and even betrayed me on top of the homies I can’t or that don’t want to be talked about. Everyone who has been there with me knows who they are and the real ones know who I’m with and who I hang out with, but the ones that stick with you through thick and thin are definitely the fans of my music that make all this possible.

8. Can you tell us about the music scene near you? Do you have any show or tour plans? Who do you want to play shows or tour with?

So I’m actually in the process from moving from Atlanta to Edmonton so this is tricky. The Atlanta music scene is very trap and gang oriented so you can see where a lot of my sound and style comes from, but it’s very cliqued up and dangerous over here so I don’t typically perform in my own city. The Edmonton scene I have no clue. I’m about to dive head first into it when I get there and try to stay out of trouble. And I don’t have any solid tour or show plans just yet. I’ve got a few contacts in the United Kingdom that are trying to organize a Halloween tour, but nothing is solid just yet. And honestly I would love to tour with everyone if I could! The more wild the better!

9. Who are some of your favorite artists and producers you have gotten to work with? Which are the artists and producers you are looking to work with next?

So it’s hard to choose favorite artists and producers specifically, but I’ll give a list of my favorite ones that I’ve worked with that were awesome as far as communication, delivery, and overall experience were. Now I have a lot that I had good experiences, but these artists really went above and beyond for me.
Artists: Sinizter, TrippyThaKid, Sam Astaroth, Doe Slurp, Xilla Gore-Rel-A, Bakri11, and Sunsxcred.
Producers: Shamu the Panda, Netuh, and Roma Jonson.

And I’m honestly excited about working with any artists. It’s surprising through all of the artists I’ve met throughout my life how may of them are super awesome and really suck no matter how big or small they are.

10. What are your artistic goals for 2024? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What about 10 years? Do you have an end game goal?

Honestly I don’t have any specific goals with the music. It’s hard to set specific goals on art and achieve them because of how unpredictable this market is. You really never know what can set you off or cause you to fall. The only thing I’m going to focus on is creating art and living my life to the fullest because that’s the only we actually do have control over.

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